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About Us

Updated: 3/26/2024

   We're devoted to pushing the boundaries in design engineering technology by empowering engineers with assurance, precision, and efficiency. Our deep understanding fuels our commitment to your success, guiding you through complex design challenges towards optimal solutions.

Our Purpose

   We exist to advance the amount and quality of design engineering technology that is easily accessible.

Our Mission

   To create design tools that help design engineers accomplish their tasks with confidence, clarity, and speed. The main goal of each one of our tools is to instill confidence in the user.

Why We Do What We Do

   For the Engineer just starting out: We've been there, that first time designing a component that requires a feature that you haven't designed before. The feature involves so much reference, jargon and prior knowledge that it can feel daunting. This is what we are here to help with. We work tirelessly to make our tools and information as easy to use as possible. Part of the clarity we bake into each tool is simplicity. By making each tool as easy to use as possible it removes the chance for error and intern increases confidence.

   For the seasoned professional: We're right there with you. You need speed and accuracy. Clean simple interfaces that get you your answer as fast as possible.

Latest Tools

O-Ring Groove Design Tool

Nonlinear Curve Fitting Calculator